"If slaughterhouses had glass walls
everyone would be a vegetarian."  
Paul McCartney
A Wholistic and Futuristic Perspective
aken from the files of
renowned researcher and
Lamb, and co-authored by
Nadine Lalich,
this book
recounts in amazing detail
25  cases of close
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HOLISTIC APPROACH: This site is dedicated to promoting a holistic view of the Earth and the cosmos. This includes not only all life forms and systems on Earth, but
also the non-teresstrial life that exists throughout the cosmos. Developing a holistic view takes into account that the parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be
understood except in their relation to the whole. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as reflected in holistic medicine that attempts to treat both the mind
and the body, or holistic ecology that views humans and the environment a single system. As we move forward, the coming decades will bring unparalleled
challenges with regard to the continuing existence of the human race and all of life on Earth.  We hope you enjoy your visit!
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James Gilliland
Victor L. Marchetti, Jr.
Victor L. Marchetti, Jr. (born December 23, 1929) is a former special assistant to
the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and a prominent
paleoconservative critic of the United States Intelligence Community and the Israel
lobby in the United States. While serving as an active-duty American soldier,
Marchetti was recruited into the intelligence agencies in 1952 during the Cold War
to engage in espionage against East Germany. Marchetti joined the Central
Intelligence Agency in 1955, working as a specialist on the USSR. He was a
leading CIA expert on Third World aid, with a focus on USSR military supplies to
Cuba after the end of the Kennedy administration.

Director Richard Helms. Within three years Marchetti became disillusioned with the
policies and practices of the CIA. On September 2, 1969, Marchetti resigned from
the CIA, signing a second secrecy oath.[3]

Afterwards, Marchetti wrote an exposé of the CIA in a book published in 1971
entitled The Rope Dancer.[4]