Nadine Lalich


     Nadine entered UFOlogy reluctantly and with great skepticism in 2004, after having kept secret for fifteen years her own experiences of contact. In June of 1991, while camping with a friend in Sedona, Arizona’s Oak Creek Canyon, she was removed from a vehicle in a fully conscious state by what appeared to be intelligent, non-terrestrial life forms. Conscious contact such as this experience and a variety of other contacts have taken continued throughout the years. After presenting this case openly in 2008, a new aspect developed that appeared to be military involvement. The information collected throughout dozens of experiences has presented an intriguing case for alien abduction and military intervention worthy of serious study.  A portion of her story was first shared in the book, Alien Experiences, 25 Cases of Close Encounter, which she co-authored with researcher Barbara Lamb. Her new book, Alien Experiences Book 2: Evolution – Coming to Terms with the Extraterrestrial Presence, chronicles her entire story in great detail with illustrations and photos, along with her current hypothesis regarding the phenomenon. The book is due for release in September 2019.

     Her career as a paralegal included collecting, organizing and analyzing data, and preparing cases for trial . Throughout her life, Nadine has also maintained a wide variety of interests including psychology, and healing from emotional trauma and addiction. Physical health and healing and alternative medicine has also been a large focus.n As a Science of Mind practitioner she has been actively engaged in spiritual development and personal growth for years. Driven by a strong fascination with the workings of the human brain and its potential, she employs meditation, sound and light machines, sensory deprivation tanks, neuro-linguistic and subliminal programming to enhance learning, memory, and natural healing. The diversity of her studies and experiences has fostered a unique understanding of human psychology that has proven extraordinarily useful in researching contact experiences.

     Nadine has written two books regarding UFOs and ET Abduction: Evolution - Coming to Terms with the ET Presence, released January 2020 and Alien Experiences: 25 Cases of Close Encounter (coauthored by Barbara Lamb). She is also the author and illustrator of the children’s book, Finding Happiness: A Magical Tale about the Power of Positive Thinking. 

     Nadine appeared in the New Paradigm Films’ documentary, The Day Before Disclosure, on Discovery Science Channel’s Best Evidence: Alien Abduction, and on Discovery Health’s Alternatives to Healing. She has been a guest on numerous radio shows and been a featured speaker and abduction panel speaker for various MUFON chapters and UFO Con. Her website features a variety of subjects related to UFOlogy, science and technology, conservation, preparation and survival, health and alternative healing and spiritual development.

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