A New Book by Nadine Lalich 

Available Now in Paperback, E-Book and in Audio Book Format July 2020

It was after dark on June 15,1991, when Nadine and her friend, Pamela, decided to stop for the night at the deserted Banjo Bill picnic site before heading to downtown Sedona the next day. Sometime after midnight, she awoke and sat upright to listen more closely to what sounded like people shuffling about the vehicle. Suddenly, the rear door swung wide open illuminating the interior, and revealing a thin, grey hand with just three fingers and a thumb reaching toward her. Thus began a dramatic shift in reality and a progression of dozens of consciously-recalled experiences with non-human entities. These contacts would continue for years to come and ultimately would involve a military presence, as well. Thirteen more years would pass before she would find the courage to investigate the phenomenon.

Audio Book Preview 


This book presents Nadine’s entire history of extraordinary contactto date, predominately consciously recalled, with transcripts of a small number of hypnosis sessions also included. Included also are descriptions of ten different ET species,and their behavior and possible intentions. Over a dozen alien and military technologies arepresented, along with descriptions of crafts, underground and underwater bases, medical and psychological testing and procedures, as well as suggested methods for investigating and procesing personal encounter experiences. This book also includes over 50 detailed illustrations depicting the events presented in the book to aid in the reader’s comprehension.